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Energetic Wellness is defined as our ability to live our life with MORE energy, vitality and stamina than currently experiencing, REGARDLESS OF ONES AGE.

Energetic wellness is more than just wellness. It’s the experience of living with more VOLTAGE in one’s cells (all 70-100 trillion of them). VOLTAGE = ENERGY.

It includes adding the proper RAW MATERIALS that fuel the function and factory of the cell, which supports the communication of our cells and provides the building blocks for new cells to be made properly.

The environment we live in is wreaking havoc on our body/cells…and we are now aging 15 years faster than our chronological age. The BIOLOGICAL age of our cells actually shows us how sick we are, how much STRESS damage (oxidative stress) has been done to our body and our cells, as well as the toxic load we have accumulated since we were conceived.

Our LIFESTYLE and our ENVIRONMENT (internal and external) are the largest contributors to our state of wellness.

Breakthroughs in science, Nutrigenomics, Epigenetics, and the new science of healing, have brought us profound information for the benefit of mankind, unlike what has been seen before.

I will take you step by step into the world of ENERGETIC WELLNESS and provide you with the easy steps to amp up your state of wellness, whatever it currently is… and bring you into the new era of science and healing (our ability to repair our body/cells like never before). Remember, all of this information is available to the general public IF they know where to look! Empower yourself and empower others!

Follow the steps…. Read through the categories…and implement the new science of repairing your body… of healing… and make healing YOUR priority!!!

Let’s put HEALING back into HEALTH CARE.


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