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Empowering your OWN innate ability to heal...

...Welcome to Empower Health Now

You’re here… Perhaps you’ve been struggling to find answers to your condition or situation?

…that pieces of your puzzle are missing and preventing you from moving into a better state of wellness?

…feeling that there must be more than modern medicine and what we’re being told…that can aid us in our journey into wellness?

…and that there must be more we can do to bring energy, balance and healing into our lives?

Having healed myself from almost dying, I KNOW that knowledge is power and lack of knowledge is disempowering. I asked and asked “what pieces am I missing to help myself heal?” It was not modern medicine who had the answers…what I found was life-altering…and I’m sharing it with you. As a nurse (when I was working in hospital), I knew how important information was to patients to aid them in healing!!!

Here, I empower you in your OWN innate ability to repair and heal your body and your life. I bring you the most up to date information, advances in energy healing and Quantum technology, guidance and support, which allows you to move into self- care for you and your loved ones.

As an Energetic Wellness Educator, Practitioner of Reconnective Healing® and The Reconnection®, Energy field balancing, speaker and BlogTalkRadio host, I provide my clients with the ability to apply information to enhance their life, fast track their life purpose, and enrich their energetic wellness.


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