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Hopefully, many of you have already read the book called The Reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl. In that book, he speaks of the early times, in 1993, when he was waving his hands in the air around his chiropractic patients, only to hear audible messages come from their mouths.

One of those patients was Fredrick Ponzlov. Six specific phrases had been spoken by five of Eric’s patients over fifty times. Fred Ponzlov was the only patient that messages kept coming through. This started in 1994.

Over a length of time, these sessions were recorded and then transcribed. Those messages are for each of us, regardless of who we are and what we do as our profession. The words speak to each of us. We hear the words and they carry their own meaning to us individually.

I found Solomon Speaks On Reconnecting Your Life, to be an incredible read. It was as though I was being spoken to privately. It was a very personal experience for me.

This is a beautifully written, deeply meaningful book. If you are one who has learned Reconnective Healing, are a practitioner, or are someone interested in the evolution and raising of our consciousness, Solomon Speaks On Reconnecting Your Life is a must read. There are messages for each of us.

“We are all one.” ~ Solomon

Solomon Speaks on Reconnecting Your Life

by Eric Pearl

Solomon Speaks: Reconnecting your Life [Video Interview]

with Eric Pearl


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